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Real Estate Leads 101

Our site offers several articles with free ideas to generate monthly Real Estate Leads. We also work directly with one of the largest marketing firms online to offer exclusive deals to generate your own motivated buyer and seller leads. Check out our Real Estate Marketing page for more information.

The most important thing to real estate isn't being a smooth talker, or being more knowledgeable, or even in having the best connections (although this is a close second). What you need most to succeed in real estate is the guts and know-how to create a constant flow of Real Estate Sales Leads. If you can create your own real estate leads, does it matter how smooth you are? Does it matter that you can run circles around others with your real estate trivia? You need to use all available methods to generate your leads including internet marketing, yellow signs, and more.

Some successful agents tout the benefits of farming an area, others the referral only system. Most successful real estate agents claim internet generated leads are where it's at. But there's no question that every successful agent uses at least one of these methods or they wouldn't be successful.

Creating Powerful Real Estate Leads: Traditional, Networking, and Modern

Generating real estate leads is one of the most common concerns of people involved in real estate marketing. Real estate sales leads that are vital in the business may be challenging to acquire unless you are aware of the potential sources.

Basically, real estate broker leads dictate how many potential clients can be contacted or scheduled for a particular day, week, or month. This is the reason why a significant number of manpower hours are dedicated by every realtor in acquiring real estate leads.

In terms of real estate lead generation, there are a number of potential ways to reach out to new and prospective clients regardless of the length of experience you have in the industry. In fact, with the advancements in technology, real estate internet leads are providing many realtors with innovative ways to reach potential clients across the world.

This is in fact one of the more powerful real estate buyer leads that can be maximized to its full potential. Of course, it does not mean that the value of more conventional and traditional means to get real estate leads should be negated automatically.

Traditional Real Estate Marketing

Every qualified real estate agent knows that all types of real estate leads work, the essential thing is to find leads you are most comfortable with and maximize it. There are a number of real estate marketing strategies that are being implemented by realtors which have varying success rates.

One of the most common, especially for more seasoned realtors is the use of traditional real estate leads methods. This type of real estate lead generation involves a number of strategies like:

1. Friends and family. These involve people who know you, have a certain level of trust in you, and can be easily persuaded to support your real estate marketing venture. After all, if friends and family do not have enough confidence to buy from you, who else will? However, remember to treat them as clients and not friends and family.

This means that no special favors, no hidden options, and certainly no unnecessary discounts. The beauty of this real estate buyer leads is that you can move on from friends and family to friends of family, and even family of friends. This is an effective way to instantly balloon your real estate leads.

2. Face-to-face. This method is applied by salesmen since time immemorial and has definitely produced a significant level of success for them. Essentially, with this type of real estate sales leads, you would have to go around your neighborhood and knock on doors to chat up a bit the owners and let them know that you are in the real estate business.

The purpose, primarily, is to ensure that once your neighbors or their friends are ready to buy, you will be the foremost in their minds. Keep in mind though that it will be vital to stay away from aggressive tactics and become as patient as possible for to successfully generate real estate leads.

Networking Real Estate Broker Leads

Before going any further into this category of real estate leads, it is important to understand what networking is. Essentially, in the context of real estate lead generation, networking refers to the process of finding potential clients by tapping business contacts, acquaintances, co-workers, and co-members of organizations among others.

These are people you know more from a professional level rather than a personal one. However, despite the existing relationship, you may find real estate leads to be challenging in this aspect. Undoubtedly there will be a number of instances where you will be able to meet these people like gatherings, seminars, club meetings, and the likes.

You have to keep in mind that with real estate leads; the goal is to reach out not only to the person in front of you, but also to the other people that they know. Some strategies that can be used with this type of real estate buyer leads are:

1. Cold calling. Take the directory listing of your club or alumni and simply go through the list of phone number available. Make sure to introduce yourself and specify where the relationship exists like belonging to the same club or alma mater for example. Keep in mind that the person on the other line can be busy so you must limit that time as short as possible.

Get straight to the point in your call and don’t forget to ask for referrals before you hang up. When you hear a hint of interest immediately schedule a meeting because no one will entrust selling or buying a home over the phone. This is how to generate real estate leads from this strategy.

2. Direct mail. In terms of real estate leads, this process makes use of mass mailing or sending out numerous amounts of sales letters, brochures, and other information materials. Remember that the concept of this type of real estate sales leads is to specifically target potential clients for a specific project.

For example, if you are selling beachfront property, you target people in your club who are interested in such and mail them all the necessary information including reservation sheets if any to close a sale. Always enclose a short note to keep it personal and remind them to pass on the information materials to people they know.

Modern Real Estate Leads

These lead generation activities which are based mostly on prevailing technologies are also sometimes referred to as real estate internet leads. They are intended to reach the maximum number of potential clients possible through the use of Internet-based strategies like:

1. Electronic mail. A variation of the direct mail method, it makes use of electronic mail to send out sales information to potential buyers. With this type of real estate buyer leads, the recipient may be someone you know or a total stranger. The goal is to simply inform them of your business and the service you can provide for them. This type of real estate leads may require a certain degree of technological skill.

2. Website. Putting up your own website aside from that of your company will allow potential clients to gain 24-hour access to your business and your services. In terms of real estate leads, you are functioning round the clock and can get potentially unlimited number of real estate leads. Keep in mind to keep the information updated and provide visitors with a way to contact you directly.

When it comes to real estate leads, the limit is truly just your imagination. With so many potential ways to reach out to as many potential clients as possible, it would be very hard to imagine not finding a strategy that will work for you. Just remember that real estate leads just like any business activity requires focus and commitment.

Real Estate Leads 101 - A master's course in generating real estate sales leads.

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