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39 Ways To Generate Real Estate Leads

As provided by Real Estate Sales Leads .Net readers…

One way to get real estate leads is to offer free market analysis to homeowners. This should be done by word of mouth, local advertising, and internet advertising. Additionally, the real estate agent should register with the Linkedin Network, among many other social networking sites, and try to have as big a network as possible there. Though be careful, spam is VERY prevalent on these sites. Treat this as a business relationship. Only add someone as a “friend” if you would really consider them for friendship in the “real world”. For example someone selling Viagra would NOT be a good person to have in your network. Consult a real internet marketing professional to get the most out of online social networking.

Network, network, network! Join local civic organizations such as Rotary Club, Lions Club, Kiwanis, Junior League, etc. The more people in your sphere who know you’re a real estate agent the more that will be comfortable working with you. They will have the knowledge that you have shared and familiar interests.

One idea for a real estate agent to find prospective clients is to place an advertisement in college newspapers, especially between the months of March and June, when students are looking for housing for the next school year.

One way to get real estate leads would be to view local news papers and search the “legal” announcements for recent divorce proceedings.

Are you near a military base? They are an often untapped source of potential sellers, and that leads to buyers (those being stationed at the base). If not a base, are you near any industry or neighborhood that has any transient qualities? More opportunities come when the quantity of buy/sell is high.

One way to find prospective leads is to host open-houses and get to know the prospective buyers. Then if the prospective buyers do not yet have a buyer’s agent, you could offer to be their agent. ALWAYS announce your open houses on your website.

Contact large companies in your area that recruit and hire people who relocate to your town. Speak to their HR department and let them know you are interested in showing homes to their new employees who move into the area. Leave them a stack of your custom business cards.

Establish relationships with wedding planners, photographers, printers, etc. who provide services for people planning to tie the knot. Many of their clients could be leads for you. You might even create a lovely gift certificate and find a way for the happy bride and groom to list you as one of the choices for their gift registry — help pay for down payment, perhaps. (I have noticed many unusual kinds of requests these days, not just a piece of flatware for the china we have chosen)

Most cities/towns have a website that allows local business listings. Many newcomers and residents will visit this page, so be sure to add you business contact information to the cities you work in. This is where your custom website comes in handy.

Though marketing yourself online is now the most effective method to reach prospective real estate buyers, the other method could be to distribute detailed information of your projects directly to community clubs/associations or welfare associations as they cover all the residents of that area and are closely-organized groups. Once they recommend any specific projects, the members tend to follow the advice.

The real estate developer can also do value addition by providing all sort of legal assistance, explaining complex legal terms in a simplified manner, providing home-loan facilities and getting them approved, after sales maintenance. These value additions are of immense help from customers’ point of view. It would also build sustained relationship with the clients who can be expected to approach you again and again in future too, just because of this special service. You can also approach big companies employing thousands of employees at one place and distribute your project details through their central administrative department to make it accessible to their employees by convincing them of the benefits that your project would bring to their employee in getting dream homes.

The place where a lot of real estate chatter happens is in the locker room of health clubs. Join a club, work-out, and start to get to know people. You would be surprised at how effective this is (plus you get good exercise!).

Hold a free “Investment Seminar”. Discuss various investment options like mutual funds, bonds, stocks, and real estate. Focus on real estate as the best method in your opinion. Say opinion since you cannot prove it is the best and you can substantiate it with personal success stories on earnings from real estate investments. You may get to meet sellers or buyers in one seminar.

One way to get real estate leads would be to become really good friends with the manager of a real estate company and tell him you are looking for a house and he might be nice enough to show u a few houses before they go on the market.

One way to get real estate leads is to purchase add space in “new student guides” for colleges or Universities in your area. Many times parents would rather to purchase a condo or townhouse or even a home for their child when they go to school. It gives the child a place to stay and becomes an investment for the parent.

By tying up with a company which has a huge employee base like Microsoft etc. Or putting up an ad in place within such company like the cafeteria which is visited by lot of employees.

Talk to all your friends and family and see if anyone they know is buying or selling a house.

One way to get real estate leads would be to hold a free short lecture or seminar for the general public interested in selling their houses which would teach them ways to increase the value of their home.

I think a good place to look for leads is to look at online forums like craigslist. Many people are trying to sell homes on their own without help from a real estate professional. You may be able to find a better variety with some help from sites like that than you would find in other places. It may better fit your customer’s needs. You could also post that you were looking for customers to sell homes for.

Post a flyer with your name and contact information (include your website!) on tear away strips, on free boards at places such as the library or supermarket. Also, you can leave a stack of your flyers at places that have free publications (such as the entrance to the supermarkets). I use to sell AVON and I actually got a number of customers that way. You can also offer freebies (on your flyers) for the prospective clients to tour your homes or sell their home through you (Tupperware, small kitchen appliances, BBQ grill, etc.) Something for the house.

You can also try setting up a booth at local fares or at school carnivals and such. The fee for the booths are usually minimal. Instead of just having your name and business cards out, offer a game of some sort (like spinning a wheel and getting a prize) to get people to come to your booth. Have lots of pics of the houses you are listing and also display the benefits of listing their home with you. Have an information form they can complete so you can contact them later. Good Luck!

Look up all the people in your area who are behind on their property tax bills. Maybe they are overwhelmed and are thinking about selling.

Buy a moving truck! Put your business name and information on the sides. Advertise the fact that new home owners can use the truck for free for local moves. New customers might be more inclined to use your realty office if they know they won’t have the expense of a moving truck. (They refill the gas tank when they bring it back, of course).

I’m not sure where the Realtor is located, but catering to the military market in a military-saturated area is always a plus. Military people are relocating frequently, and many buy homes where they move to; sometimes they even keep the house and rent it out if they relocate before the house turns a profit, etc.

One way to get real estate sales leads would be to set up a booth at grade school fairs or to participate at the school on some other level. Parents are typically motivated to buy instead of rent when their child starts school.

I would target people living in apartment complexes because they are more likely to be in the market to buy a house or to lease a house/condo in near future. Create a friendly letter describing your service (if you are a buyer’s agent, it’s a plus), and mail the letters to every tenants in apartment complexes in your area. You can even create a newsletter highlighting some of your “hot picks” of the properties you handle. Also, advertise on local community website because they are often visited by people moving to the community. You can even volunteer to write an article about the community for the website. This way, you will get free advertising.

Figure out the addresses of rentals in the area and send literature to people currently renting. They may think they are not able to buy a house, but they very well could be.

An agent may do well if they market themselves through a give away or drawing in an apartment community. Many people in apartments want to move to a house but not sure they can or know how to even start.

This may sound bad, but try hanging around pawn shops or leaving a stack of brochures/flyers/business cards there. When people are hocking their valuables because they’re short on cash, they might be good candidates to sell their homes to get the cash out of their homes. At the same time, the people looking for good bargains at a pawn shop are probably also going to be interested in the good bargains that you, the good real estate agent, can show them, and there are plenty of used power tools available to fix the “fixer uppers”…

Create a neighborhood information website (where to find services, school info etc) of the area you want to farm, the Realtor ads on the website link to your site.

One way for real estate leads is directing advertisement to carpenters for fixer-uppers. Carpenters are looking for deals to flip.

Mail postcards with pictures of houses that you have closed in the area showing what % of the asking price you were able to get for your seller. 1320 Scotsman sold for 98% of asking price in only 10 Days!!! List YOUR house with me!

One way to get real estate leads would be to take out an ad in the same page of the local newspaper that weddings are announced in. Many people look to buy a house once they get married.

When I was growing up, I worked for my dad in his insurance brokerage. He always stressed changes as a way of getting leads. Are a couple expecting, or did they just have a baby – might need a bigger house. Husband died? Might be time to sell in a few months (this one would require some thought to go about it tactfully). Kid off to college – might be time to sell. Promotion at work – now she’s got the buy to afford that new house. Read the papers, especially the small ones – they’re chockful of this information. Google the name, get an address or phone number depending on your marketing strategy, and go for it. Business journals are good for promotions and relocation information.

I have found that the best way to get Real Estate leads is to send out a Market Update – Just make sure that it is not restricted by your local MLS Board.

A real Estate Agent can make follow-up phone calls after a transaction to get old clients to references the Real Estate Agent.

Check the obituaries and find out if the deceased owned a house. The surviving family members or estate might be selling the home.

Buy ad space in the yahoo real estate section. I know that when I was looking for a house I used their MLS listing search and every page had an ad for a local real estate agent that said ‘contact ____ about this listing’, even if it was not their exclusive listing.

An overlooked way to get real estate leads is through completing BPO’s (Broker Price Opinions) for various finance companies. Many times the companies are in the process of foreclosing on the properties that they request BPO’s for, which means that they also need an agent to list the property. These companies often go to the agent who completed the original BPO when it comes time to market the property, rather than having to find another agent in the local market.

One way is to place ads in Apartment finder guides, many people are looking to buy a house sometime. Usually, people are new to an area, and they rent for a few months while they shop around to buy a house.

Place an ad before a movie at a local theater. advertise online via social networking sites.

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  1. rebroker Says:

    This is really a great list that you have put together. We are in a tough market so being creative with your marketing can be the difference between success and failure. I will try a few of your ideas and see how they work.

  2. laryssaw Says:

    This is a great list. I am in Tennessee and trying to find creative “low cost” ways to generate leads…..both buyers and sellers. You’ve provided some great ways to do so and I just want to say THANKS!!

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